McDermott Pool Cue Standard Stain Review

McDermott Pool Cue Standard Stain Review

The benefits of using a personal pool cue are plentiful enough to have convinced both regular recreational players and professional players of their worth. Even so, ensuring that you buy the best pool cue for your particular style and skill level can be a tricky affair.

In addition to a market that is overrun by brand names, there are also a wide range of different features to consider. Do you want the detachable parts cue? Should you go with an 18 ounce weighted cue or a 21 ounce one? What tip type is optimal for you?

All these questions can cause some people to just pick a cue without investigating their choices because it all seems too overwhelming.

McDermott Cues - Standard Stain Review

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Fortunately for you, you’ve got your eyes on this review. We have selected one of the best pool cues on the market and would like to share with you information on both its pros and its cons.

We’ll cover all the information you could possibly want to know about the 20 oz. McDermott pool cue, so that you can make a clear and well informed decision about whether this is the best pool cue for you.

If you’re looking for a slightly ‘different’ and unique cue, then we think it just might be.

Introducing The 20 Oz. Mcdermott Pool Cue

Absolutely one of a kind in appearance, the 20 oz. McDermott pool cue has all the functions of a high end pool cue along with the appearance of a fun and statement-making cue. This cue can best be described as alternative and would look good in any player’s hands.

The team at McDermott, a United States pool equipment brand, have truly outdone themselves with this pool cue. It’s got all the fancy features you’d expect to see in a pool cue of twice its price, and has definitely outlaid on appearance.

Features Of The 20 Oz. Mcdermott Pool Cue

  • Michigan Maple wood cue forearm and sleeve
  • Emerald green European Organic Stain gives a marbled appearance
  • ​Standard 29 inch long shaft
  • Small 13mm diameter shaft
  • ​Medium to Hard rated leather triangular tip
  • 3/8 x 10 joint
  • Genuine Irish Linen wrap grip
  • Hard Rock Maple wood construction

Given its premium (if slightly expectable) set of features, the 20 oz. McDermott pool cue has clearly been made for use by both recreational and professional pool players. It is an alternative-looking pool cue that performs all the necessary functions with a cool green flair.

What We Like

Firstly, we must note that this pool cue is the product of a well-trusted brand in the pool equipment industry. That means that you could expect this particular cue to last you for many years even with heavy use.

The cue itself has all the features and specifications to ensure that you can take your pool game to any level of skill. It’s middle bar features can easily take a whole range of different pool shot types.

The fine North American Grade AA Hard Rock Maple wood used to construct the cue is a nice cue and indicates the high quality make-up of the overall product. These features also help to ensure that the cue gives a forceful shot when used for breaking.

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We like that the Everest tip by Tiger has 10 whole layers to burn through, with the last layer conveniently being red to warn owners that it needs replacing soon. As the tip is made of hard leather you could expect to not have to replace it very often at all though.

Regardless of your style of gameplay, this standard McDermott cue with its funky design would likely be able to handle it. Versatility is always a plus with a cue and this one definitely has that!

It’s All In The Tip

Owners of the McDermott 20 oz. pool cue have given it’s tip a lot of positive reviews.

Used universally among McDermott pool cue products, the Everest Tip by tiger has a special construction that is said to give the maintenance needs of a hard tip (so none) with the hitting ability of a medium tip (wide) and the spin control of a soft tip (high).

Lifetime Warranty

As with many of its products, McDermott can afford to give this pool cue a lifetime warranty and a lifetime maintenance agreement because of its high quality build.

What We Don’t Like

Honestly, there are only two things we can think of not to like about the 20 oz. McDermott pool cue:

1) This pool cue is relatively expensive, coming in at around $180 when bought online. Our response to reviewers with this problem is simply: you get what you pay for.

2) For those who aren’t big fans of the color green, this pool cue would be a terrible choice. For anyone who does like green though – it’s an absolutely stunning hue – and you’ll match the standard pool table!

So there, as far as criticisms go, we’d say those aren’t exactly valid problems for most consumers looking to buy a high end cue to have with this particular one.

Buying Advice

For any regular or serious pool player, the 20 oz. McDermott pool cue would make an amazing buy. Choosing where to purchase it from can be tough to figure out though as many retailers have chosen to stock this high quality cue.

McDermott Cues Review

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We’d recommend Amazon as the first place to look. You’ll find it being sold at a reasonable rate of around $180 in its listing there, and shipping may or may not be free depending on where you’re from.


Our overall verdict on the McDermott 20 oz. pool cue is simple: if you are looking for a pool cue to go the distance with you, and you like the color green, then this is the cue for you.

We recommend that you try to get one of these cues for yourself before the model leaves the market (pool cues are constantly changing). All the best with whatever new pool cue you do get, and may your games be many!

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