The Players C-960 Classic Cue Review

The Players C-960 Classic Cue Review

Do you want a personal pool cue that really makes a statement? More is demanded of personal pool cues than communally shared ones as owners want their cues to match, and enhance, their personal playing style – which is totally understandable.

You will notice that medium range pool cues in the $50-$100 price range can vary from absolutely spectacular right through to feeble twigs that aren’t worth their shipping cost. Without knowledge, it can be hard to differentiate between these cues online.

So, if you are thinking about buying your own personal pool cue please do take a read of a few online reviews by people who know what they’re talking about. Reviews like this one.

The Players C-960 Classic Cue Review


In this particular review, we’ll take you through the pros and cons of the Players Classic C-960 pool cue. By all accounts a reasonably priced pool cue that offers exceptional value for money, we thinking you’ll be impressed by what it has to offer.

The Product

The Players Classic C-960 Pool cue is a dark black and marbled red pool cue designed to be used in both high end recreational and low level competitive circles. With a manageable shaft diameter of 13mm and an optional weight, there’s plenty of versatility in this cue.

The robust base and shaft of the cue is made up of North American Grade A Hard Rock Maple to give users a really strong hit. This hard shaft coupled with the hard oak leather tip lends this particular cue a very hard hitting aura.

Key Features

  • Genuine Irish linen wrap is double-pressed and full black in color
  • Cue is available in weight ranges from 18 ounces through to 21 ounces
  • ​Comes with 13mm high grade Le Professional Le Pro tip made of hard oak leather
  • ​Has a lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects
  • Stainless steel joint collar gives owners a hard and solid shot
  • ​Joint collar has sturdy 5/16 x 18 pin
  • Very glossy UV protective outer coating ensure cue will last for many years
  • Made from Grade A Hard Rock Maple wood picked by specialists
  • High-impact durable ferrule part
  • Epoxy sealing on the wood to prevent moisture damage occurring

What We Like

For individuals thinking about buying a Players Classic C-960 pool cue there are a range of different expectations that could be placed on their new pool cue. Some will be reasonable and others won’t be, but on a whole we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If you’re considering purchasing a pool cue, then you’re probably already aware of the game enhancing benefits of having a personal pool cue. The Players Classic C-960 pool cue would allow you to hone your skills as you’ll always be using the exact same professional level cue.

The Players C-960 Classic Cue Review


There’s nothing quite like watching a player play with a cue that they’ve gotten used to over time, and we think that’s exactly what owners of this cue will have the opportunity to do.

The whole cue has clearly been created to last owners long time, as its features cater to both beginner and advanced players, and the actual physical make-up of the cue is extremely durable.

As so many professional pool players enjoy using their own cue it stands to reason that you would want to have one of your own as you begin to get more serious or into the game of pool. Fortunately, a high quality cue doesn’t have to cost the earth.

That probably sums up what we like most about the Players Classic C-960 pool cue: it provides excellent bang for your buck.

What We Don’t Like

When reading through present owner’s reviews of their Players Classic C-960 pool cues the overall feeling received is that of great satisfaction with the product.

There are however a few outlying reviews with poor ratings which are worth considering.

According to some of the negative reviews the Players Classic C-960 pool cue can come with slight scratches on the body – though honestly, we’d probably put that down to shipping quality more than a manufacturing problem.

The second allegation if slightly more serious – that bubbles were at the end of the cue received. If this happens it is clearly a manufacturer defect and could be sent back for a replacement under the warranty. Problem fixed.

Finally, there were some people that found the 58 inch version was a bit short for their tall body type. It’s definitely important that you select a cue that is the right height in proportion to your body (and particularly arm) length.

Buying Advice

For around $80-$100 this amazing Players C-960 Classic pool cue can be purchased from most retailers both online and in store. We recommend it as a high value for money purchase to anyone looking for a quality pool cue that includes a hard and reliable tip.

In terms of where to purchase the cue, Amazon is probably the best place to look for both price range and warranty guarantees. The hectic online world help to ensure this online marketplace keeps its prices low.

The Players C-960 Classic Cue Review


The Amazon listing for this cue currently has sizes ranging from 18 ounces through to 21 ounces going up in 0.5 ounce increments. That means there’ll be a weight that suits every person!

You can see more detailed shipping information and the Players Classic C-960 pool cue’s particular warranty information directly on its Amazon listing page. As usual it’s a good idea to thoroughly check the warranty out before buying.

Final Verdict

The Players Classic C-960 pool cue is clearly a market leader for its monetary value range. Professional, built from quality materials, and made in a variety of sized, this cue is quite frankly pretty wonderful.

We’re giving it a full 5 stars! If you’d like to order the Players C-960 Classic pool cue to enhance your game, you can click here to go straight through to Amazon.

Our Rating

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