Pure X Jump Break Pool Cue Review

Pure X Jump Break Pool Cue Review

A leading specialist in pool equipment products, Pure X do not disappoint with their latest offering. The Pure X Jump Break Cue is ahead of the game, in fact, if the ridiculously positive reviews can be believed, it is one of the best pool cues available to buy on the market today.

Let’s face it, you’ve heard the sad stories about people buying bad cues for a lot of money, so how do you ensure you aren’t one of them?

Pool cues like any item can be talked up or down, but it’s the specifications that you should really look at when it comes time to buy. And let me tell you, the Pure X Jump Break Cue has all the technical specification bells and whistles to make even the savviest buyers take note.

That whole ‘incorporate new technology to advance the game of pool’ mindset that Pure X embodies has really been well incorporated into the practical build of this particular cue.

Given their varying styles and materials, it's difficult to pick a ‘best pool cue’. Fortunately for us, it’s easy to simply say that this cue is definitely one of the top contenders for that title.

What We Like

Here’s what we, and the present owners of the Pure X Jump Break pool cue love about it.

Firstly, there’s the revolutionary technology which will help owners to take various different types of shot with ease using only this one cue!

With its forward air flight portion, this cue gives users the ability to take super short vertical shots with ease. Clearly this type of shot is also made easier by the ergonomically friendly flared handle.

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The jump extender can be used in combination with the forward air flight portion if you want to take longer shots with this cue, and the air flight plus power drive is another add-on available for high torque and leverage shots. Talk about high tech!

The Pure X designers even added a quick release joint to the construction so the taking off and putting on of different parts would be as seamless and convenient as possible. You could simple change you cue while you wait for the other player to take their turn.

On top of the awesome technological innovations of this cue, the Pure X Jump Break pool cue also has a number of more traditional high end features that make it a reliable pool cue choice. These include it’s…

Wooden Shaft

Most shafts on professional tips are made of hard wood these days for its durable characteristics. Pure X hasn’t reinvented the wheel here and we appreciate that the brand has stuck to what works.

The Break Jump pool cue has been made with premium hard rock maple wood.

High Quality Ferrule

The bit that attaches the tip to the shaft of the cue (the ferrule) is one of the most important parts of any cue. Fortunately, the creators of the Break Jump cue have used carbon fiber to construct its ferrule – a very durable choice.

It’s probably worth mentioning that the collar is also made of pure carbon fiber.

Sport Grip

Really, this one belongs close to the top of the list of things we like about this cue as the grip makes such a massive difference to the way a cue feels to play with. The Pure X Jump Break cue has a specialized sports grip made from multi-zone grip technology.

This grip provides excellent grippiness while still remaining comfortable to the touch. As it’s black, you may want to wear gloves to avoid any staining on your hands though.

Adjustable Weight

According to the positive reviews, this pool cue lasts for a very long time (years). It is therefore definitely a good thing that it comes with adjustable weight bolts that mean players can progress their game while keeping the same cue.

The weights generally range from a cue weight of 18 ounces through to 21 ounces with 0.5 ounce increments in between.

Lifetime Warranty

If you’re looking for a trustworthy pool cue, then a good clue to look out for is the warranty length.

Most high end pool equipment brands will offer lifetime warranties on their cues and Pure X is no different. It seems this brand is 100% willing to stand behind this design, which has got to be a good thing.

What We Don't Like

First things first, we are being a little picky here. There isn’t much to dislike about the Pure X Jump Break Cue. If we did have to pick something though, it would probably be its pricing.

The high quality nature of the cue mean that it’s definitely not in the usual “beginner’s” pool cue price range. It is however worth the extra money in our opinion not only because of its outstanding game enhancing features but also because of its longevity.

Most pool cue reviewers acknowledge that this is one of the more expensive pool cues on the market, but they also mostly agree that it’s quite simply an amazing pool cue and could be well worth the extra cash.

Buying Advice

If you’re going out to get one of these cues, then we’d recommend Amazon be your first port of call. This online retailer has incredibly competitive pricing on pool cues and last we checked the Pure X Jump Break Cue was selling for around $220.

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Clearly shipping costs will vary depending on your country of residence, but sometimes it may even be free with Amazon!


Those professional players with their amazing pool cues could be you one day. So, feel free to get started with the long process of familiarizing and adjusting your game to suit your own personalized pool cue now.

For those who can afford it we highly recommend getting the Pure X Jump Break pool cue as it will go the distance of your recreational or competitive pool career with you. What are you waiting for?

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